Help Ghana Foundation supports projects in the field of education and health care, or income-generating initiatives  which help groups to become self-supporting. We mainly focus on women’s groups, because women in Ghana take care of the children. A project must be supported by the local community. They must also contribute in the form of labour, land and/or raw materials. Help Ghana only supports small projects (up to a maximum of € 2,000) and strives for full feedback on the progress of the project from the local organisation.


When an application is submitted to Help Ghana, the board checks whether the project meets the criteria. Subsequently, the applicants are sent a questionnaire with questions about the purpose, size, their own contribution, possible co-financiers, references from the (local) government agencies, and a detailed budget. Our local contact person then visits the project to assess the application. Based on this information, the board decides whether a project can be supported.

Progress and Monitoring

Our Ghanaian contact person discusses planning and responsibilities with the local organization in advance, after which a cooperation agreement is signed. During the implementation, our contact person visits the project to discuss progress and possible bottlenecks. In addition, there is a bi-monthly report from both the project leaders and our contact person, which is discussed in the board meeting.

The questionnaire can be downloaded from the link below:

Download the Questionnaire-Help-Ghana

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