Feedback to donors about spending is done via an annual newsletter. It briefly describes the progress of the projects, possibly with photos. Our local contact person visits the projects and ensures that the feedback meets the information need.

The progress of the projects is published via the website and various social media. Individual reports are made to project sponsors. For institutional sponsors (e.g. Wilde Ganzen) we follow procedures established by them.

Projects are visited whenever possible by a delegation of two board members who travel to Ghana at least once a year at their own expense. Annual accounts are published on all results. The expenditure per project is available on request. The foundation’s tax number is 816170368.

Below you can download our policy plan and financial annual overview. The Help Ghana board consists of volunteers who carry out their work unpaid. The travel costs of the annual project visit also come from our own resources. There is therefore no remuneration structure.

Jaaroverzicht Help Ghana 2021

Jaaroverzicht Help Ghana 2020

Jaaroverzicht Help Ghana 2019

Jaaroverzicht Help Ghana 2018

2017 jaaroverzicht Help Ghana

2016 jaaroverzicht Help Ghana

2015 jaarrekening Help Ghana

Beleidsplan Stichting Help Ghana 2014

2014_jaarcijfers_Help Ghana

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