If a group of private individuals or a school decides to adopt a project, the foundation will provide the necessary documentation. Board members can also provide a lecture or a guest lecture on request to inform their supporters. In many cases such an action is possible, because it contributes to the ‘broad social discussion’ by means of information qualify for a doubling by a larger NGO, such as in the case of Wilde Ganzen or the NCDO, or the local municipality. For example, schoolchildren in the Netherlands have raised money for teaching materials for a primary school in Nkwabeng. That is the ideal ratio between sponsors, goal and target group.

The board also provides information activities, such as through its presence at public fundraising events when they decide to fund one of our projects.

Furthermore, information about projects or life in Ghana in general can be requested at any time via our mailbox.

i.c. contact@helpghana.info

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