The building of the Dayak Memorial school in Nkwabeng was officially opened on November 17, 2016.

The ceremony was impressive. Besides the children, all the parents, the chief, and the elders were present on this occasion. The school is painted in beautiful, bright colors and the management received compliments from all sides.

The new three classrooms

All classes had prepared a presentation. There was music, drama, dance and poems were recited.


From a historical perspective:

In the village of about 3,500 inhabitants near Nkoranza, the initiative was taken by a number of local administrators and parents to build a school building for more than 120 children, aged between 10 and 18, who are being prepared to gain access to a junior high school (secondary education), worth approximately €10,000. The facilities at the time consisted of wooden posts with thatched roofs and leaking corrugated iron.


The school in 2014

The group in Nkwabeng is a local NGO that bears the name of a local pastor (i.c. Dayak) who, between 1994 and 2006, worked to further develop education in rural areas. In addition to three classrooms, furniture and textbooks are also involved. All parts of the project can be chosen separately as targets for private sponsors. The community consists for the most part of local farmers who produce cotton and tobacco for businesses in Brong Ahafo. Corn cocoyam and plantain are grown for their own maintenance. The Help Ghana board visited the village in 2014 and decided to nominate the project for support.

The Bisschop Ernstschool in Goes already campaigned for this project in 2015.

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