The Help Ghana Foundation is a small group of volunteers in the Netherlands. With the help of our donors and sponsors we support development projects in Ghana. Our goal: to improve the living conditions of vulnerable population groups. We attach great importance to the input of the local population when applying for and implementing a project. We regularly consult competent Ghanaian residents in the Netherlands on specific matters that enable a good project evaluation.

Help Ghana does not send volunteers to Ghana itself. If you would like to do volunteer work in Ghana, you can contact other organisations. The foundation was founded in 1983 by Joke Addotey-van Heeswijk from Goirle. During a visit to Ghana with the family of her husband Gottfried, she was confronted with appalling conditions in hospitals and schools in the early 1970s. She decided to take action and achieved a great deal with the help of others until the 1990s for various projects in Ghana.

Ghana Nieuwsbrief 2022

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