Before you apply for project funding, it is necessary to check whether the project meets the criteria below. Only if that is the case there is a possibility of your application being approved.

  • The project must be a collective local initiative and must target the less privileged people in the community. The focus should be on education, health care or income generation. Please be aware that individual requests for support, such as school fees, accommodation, wages or travel costs, will always be denied;
  • The local community must be supportive to the project and willing to contribute in the form of labour, land and/or raw materials. Help Ghana will only support labour costs in exceptional cases.
  • The project must be inclusive. This means that no distinction is made on the basis of religion, gender, (dis)ability, social status and background.
  • The project must be sustainable. This means that there must be a good plan for how the project can be maintained in the future, both in terms of labour and finances. It is also important that the project causes no or as little harm to the environment as possible.
  • The project should have a clear start and end point and should not last longer than 1 year.
  • The maximum budget for a project cannot exceed €2,000. No more than once a year a funding application will be approved per applicant organization.

If your project meets all the criteria above, you are welcome to fill out our questionnaire. Please, fill it out as detailed as possible, including a detailed budget, pictures and drawings if applicable, and explain why your project meets all criteria, and forward it to our email address.


Application phase

After you have sent in the questionnaire you will receive an email with a confirmation of receipt, normally within a week. Your project will be discussed in the next board meeting, which takes place approximately every 6 weeks. After the meeting, you will hear the decision of the Board. This could mean that your project has been approved or denied. However, in most cases you will be asked to answer some additional questions about your application and/or our contact person in Ghana will contact you for a site visit or additional information.

Execution phase

If your project has been approved by the Help Ghana Foundation, the agreed amount will be send into your bank account. The moment you receive the money, you are required to send us an confirmation of receipt, signed by at least two of your project members.

We expect you to carry out the project in the agreed manner and time within the agreed budget. Halfway through the project you must send an interim report, with text and photos about the progress of the project. Please be aware that additional requests for extra budget will not be honored.

Completion phase

When the project is completed you are expected to send in a final report, with all the details, including copies of invoices, on the execution of the project and the final results. It is important for you to add clear photos with this final report, which will be shared with our donors and sponsors.