The Compassion for Humanity Foundation (CHF) from Adawso asked for help for the local schools. There are 18,000 inhabitants, spread over 44 larger and smaller villages in the Mampong-Akuapem District. Adawso is an important town and acts as the capital for the surrounding villages. There is electricity, but lack of water, especially during the dry season.

The city has three primary schools where 4,000 children receive education. There is no further education. 95% of the population consists of small farmers who earn so little that they cannot offer their children sufficient opportunities. Many children and young people do not go to school. They hang out in the street and try to make some money by selling something on market days. An incidental phenomenon is that many girls become pregnant too young or are given in marriage early, and do not get a chance to complete an education first.

CHF wants to provide the community with safe drinking water. Now all inhabitants depend on a small river in the outlying area for their cooking water and for washing. That is why CHF wants to collect the abundant rain that falls during the wet season in a “Polytank” to use as a water supply. CHF also wants to feed the children by cooking for them. The parents have agreed to help with this and contribute to the purchase the food, but CHF had insufficient kitchen equipment to cook for the children Help Ghana has previously helped CHF schools with teaching materials and furniture.

For an amount of € 809, a merry-go-round, a water tank, a refrigerator, hot plates, gas tank, kettles, pots and pans have been purchased.