The computer center is now fully equipped and can be used again. The local network had to be set up first, but there is now a good electricity supply.

Help Ghana helped to update the computer center of the School for the Blind. With a contribution of €2,000, software was purchased to scan books and the program Jaws, a screen reader that reads text on a computer screen, which is invaluable for the blind students.

Eight years ago, Help Ghana contributed to the establishment of a Braille production center for the Methodist School for the Blind in Wa in the north of Ghana, where education is given to blind and visually impaired children aged 5 to 18: from primary and secondary education to vocational education and independent living courses.

The application was made in 2007, and again now, by the FORCE foundation, which ensures that people with a visual or reading disability have access to information. Several specialized teachers in Braille production, audio book recording and computer education have been trained by FORCE. They are also deployed elsewhere in Ghana to provide training.