In the Krachi East District of the Volta Region, an association for the disabled was established in 2010, initially for individual members, but later more and more self-help groups and organizations for the disabled joined. The Lakeside Cross now works with 18 organisations for the physically handicapped and the blind. The aim is to train these organisations so that they can independently represent the rights and interests of not only their members, but of all people with a disability in their village.

In addition, Lakeside Cross tries to set up income-generating projects to permanently support persons with disabilities (called PWDs in Ghana, ) through sustainable programs and activities. PWDs should be involved in decision-making and be given the opportunity to participate with others on an equal basis. Therefore, they should be aware of their rights, regardless of their level of education.

Lakeside wants to end the exclusion of the disabled and create a community without stigmas where everyone lives together in an integrated way and can participate in the life of their village. To do this, their low self-esteem must first be addressed, which arises from inadequate education and poverty. This approach already starts with possibilities to move around. Poor parents cannot afford a wheelchair to take their children to school. So they are carried or they have to crawl to school…

In collaboration with the Orthopedic Training Center in Nsawam (OTC), various disabled people from the self-help organization ‘Lakeside Cross’ from the Volta Region have been provided with appropriate aids. In addition, during our visit, two children underwent free surgery by a team of Dutch orthopedic surgeons at St. Anthony’s Hospital in Aflao in the Volta Region. After this, the children go to Nsawam for fitting new prostheses. All local costs are covered by our donations.

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