In Adawso in Eastern Ghana live more than 4,000 people, mostly small farmers. In this area children aged 2 to 16, who previously sat at home or roamed the streets, are given the opportunity to attend the Compassionate Kids school. In this school they acquire knowledge, are stimulated in creativity, and learn social skills. They receive a good education while their parents work in the fields or at the market with merchandise. The school also support young girls to learn a trade and provide them with a small loan to set up a business. Help Ghana previously funded two of the current eight classrooms and a water tank and kitchen materials. The school management asked for help with the enlargement of two classrooms, which had 50 instead of the preferred 25 children per classroom, since the school had seen a large growth in the number of children. This expansion started during the Christmas holidays and has now been completed. Together with the furniture, which was also donated by Help Ghana, the rooms are now in use. In addition an isolation room, to separate children for health reasons, was completed in 2021.

Because of the pandemic and the increased food prices, taking care of the family has become a challenge for my parents, since now everyone is at home at the same time”…..(Esther in Class 2, 14 years).