Thanks to the proceeds of the flea market at Mill Hill College in Goirle in 2019, sufficient funds became available to support the hospital of Doctor Kodwo Safo in Obuasi. At the beginning of 2019, Dr. Safo had already submitted an application for medical equipment that is not available in Ghana. This is provided by the Dutch foundation MEDIC in Apeldoorn. This collects previously used hospital equipment that is inspected or repaired by expert volunteers from the medical world so that it can be used again for a longer period of time. Of course, the associated costs are a fraction of the original value. As a result, they can still be deployed by mission hospitals that do not have sufficient budgets. Although doctor Safo was trained in the Netherlands (in Nijmegen) he chose to return to Ghana because he wanted to mean something to his people, the application ended up with Help Ghana. The hospital plays a central role for a catchment area of about 45,000 people, most of whom are very poor and not all actions are reimbursed by the national health care system. The equipment ranges from surgical instruments, sterilization ovens to laboratory equipment. The funds will not only be used for the purchase, but also for the shipment to Ghana, which was done entirely according to Dr. Safo’s wishes by a Ghanaian shipper in the Netherlands has delivered it door to door. We wish Dr Safo and his team every success with the expansion of the hospital.

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