In March 2023, Help Ghana received a request for assistance from the Blessed Pan-African Youth for Rural Development (BPAYRD), a Ghanaian/American NGO dedicated to aiding less privileged individuals in Ghana. Their request pertained to the renovation of a wooden pavilion at the Wenamda D/A Basic School in the Ashanti Region. Currently, the children are studying in a makeshift, open-shed-like classroom, prompting Rev. Malik Owusu Antwi, the Director of BPAYRD, to seek our support in transforming this space into a proper classroom.

Recognizing the significance of this project, Help Ghana was pleased to learn that it enjoyed full backing from the local community. The Parent Association pledged a generous gift of GHC 6,370 (equivalent to €525), while local craftsmen generously offered their services free of charge. The remaining amount required, €1,531, was provided by Help Ghana.