In March of 2023 Help Ghana was contacted by the Blessed Pan-African Youth for Rural Development (BPAYRD), a Ghanaian/American NGO, helping the less privileged people in Ghana. They requested our help with the renovation of a wooden pavilion at the Wenamda D/A Basic School in the Ashanti Region. At this moment the children have to learn in a wooden open shed-like classroom and the Director of BPAYRD, Rev. Malik Owusu Antwi, asked us to help change this shed into a real classroom.

Help Ghana saw the importance of this project and was happy to hear that it is fully supported by the local community. The Parent Association has promised to help out with a gift of GHC 6.370 (= € 525) and the local craftsmen will do all the work for free. The remaining amount needed was € 1.531, which was provided by Help Ghana.

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