The Ghanaian government has implemented measures to streamline the enrollment process for students in vocational schools, leading to a notable increase in student applications nationwide. However, this surge in demand has presented a significant challenge for school management, particularly in the procurement of essential equipment and furniture to accommodate the growing number of students.

As a consequence, Help Ghana has noted a significant uptick in project proposals requesting financial support. One such proposal comes from Mrs. Hannah Owusu, the Principal of Kpong Technical Institute. Her school has witnessed a remarkable increase of 226 students in just two years, creating a pressing need for a substantial quantity of additional tables and chairs. This situation has even resulted in some students having to stand in class due to the insufficient seating capacity.

In response, we have investigated the feasibility of having the furniture produced by the wood construction technology students at her school. This approach not only makes the furniture more affordable for the school but also offers valuable practical experience for the students, creating a true win-win scenario.

We are delighted to announce that a student from Maartenscollege in the Netherlands, Maurits Buskens, launched a crowdfunding campaign to support this project and was able to fund the entire project.