The Ghanaian government has made it easier for students to enter vocational schools, so everywhere in Ghana there has been an enormous increase in the numbers of students applying to enter the schools. For the management of these school it is now a tough job to get the necessary equipment and furniture for the schools. For that reason Help Ghana has seen an increase in submitted projects for financial support.

Mrs. Hannah Owusu, the Principal of the Kpong Technical Institute, was one of the people that submitted a proposal to fund school furniture. In her school the number of students increased by 226 in two years time. She needs a lot of extra tables and chairs, because some students have to stand in class. We discussed with Mrs Hannah Owusu the possibility of producing the furniture by the wood construction technology students of her school. This way the school could obtain cheaper and thus more furniture and it would be a good practice for the students; a real win-win situation.

We are happy to hear that students of the Maartenscollege in the Netherlands will start crowd funding to support this project.

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