MDK is currently constructing a secondary school in the village of Dawhenya with the capacity to educate up to 600 children. This public school aims to provide accessible education for all. As there are already 600 children enrolled in the primary school, all expressing a desire to continue their education into secondary school, an additional floor will be added to the existing school building in 2024, which will be paid for by MDK. This expansion will result in the creation of three additional classrooms. The design of the building allows for the possibility of adding an extra floor to accommodate the growing educational needs of the community.

A school building alone is of course insufficient to be able to run a school. There is also a great need for school furniture and educational materials. For this reason, MDK, in collaboration with Help Ghana, has initiated a crowdfunding campaign. This campaign targets family members, acquaintances, and customers of MDK with the aim of raising at least €7,500. These funds will be utilized to purchase essential furniture and educational materials for this school in Dawhenya.