The school in Akuma has now been completed and opened.

The primary school Nana Adonteng Poku from the village of Akuma is located 7 km south of Nkoranza in the Brong Ahafo Region in central Ghana. Akuma was mainly inhabited by cocoa farmers until in 1982 most of the farms were destroyed by large fires, which caused a great famine. Now it is mainly small farmers who grow cashew nuts, mango and oranges, among other things.

The school provides free education and was founded 6 years ago for children who no longer went to school due to a lack of money from their parents. The first day there were 65 children, the second 95, at the end of the week 128! Now there are 388 children divided over 10 classes of primary school and middle school (JSS). The 11 teachers are partly paid by the government (the 4 professional teachers) and partly, the invigilators, by the Parents & Teacher Association, PTA.


The secondary school (JHS) has 75 students from 12 to 18 years old. At the moment they (still) have lessons under the trees, at least if it doesn’t rain. When the permanent building is finished, that problem will be solved!


The PTA and municipal and education authorities are involved in the plan and have already met several times. They will collect the parent contributions for the maintenance of the building. The school has planned a 3-unit class block. The total cost of the building was approximately €8,730.00. The PTA and the villagers themselves contributed 50% of the labor costs. An extensive committee of engineers, educators and the Ministry of Work and Housing was formed to oversee construction and education.

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