In the remote Brong Ahofo Region lies the village of Nkwabeng. In 2014, Help Ghana received an application from the local Dayak Memorial Junior Secondary School to build a block of three classrooms for 40 children each. Our chairman Andrea Smit and secretary Cokky van der Venne were guests of honor at the official opening of the unit in November 2016.

The follow-up request for help with the purchase of school books and furniture has now been completed. The school attracts pupils aged 12 to 18 from all over the area, but the lack of teaching aids and resources has already caused children to drop out, while it is important that students can move on to Senior High School or Vocational schools. If they are better educated, they can also help society in the poor agricultural region to move forward. Education in this suffered from the fact that several students had to work together with one book and had to sit in benches that were far too large or too small. For this reason Help Ghana decided to support this follow-up request.

The head teacher indicated that measures have been taken to store the books properly and safely because of the risk of theft. A night watchman is also appointed and the books are lent to the children through an administration system.

The school falls under the Ghana Education Service of the Ministry of Education and has a parents’ and teachers’ council (which also includes a representative of the students) and a board that makes all decisions about the school. The parents pay a small amount of school fees every year.

This project was made possible in part by the ASN Foundation. The ASN Bank is committed to promoting the sustainability of society and is guided by this in its economic actions. According to ASN Bank, economic growth should not be at the expense of the environment, nature, vulnerable population groups or otherwise be passed on to future generations.