Reading books for primary school children

Reading lies at the heart of a child’s educational journey, unlocking a world of possibilities and shaping their intellectual growth. In partnership with the Frako Initiative Organization, the Help Ghana Foundation has funded the acquisition of 300 engaging reading books. This initiative seeks to ignite the love for reading among young minds in 10 primary […]

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Reading made easy
Children with the phonic books

Help Ghana received a request from the Frako Initiative organization to support the purchase of phonic books for 16 primary schools in and around Accra. Phonic books are often used in the British education system to enhance the reading skills of children at Kindergarten level.With our donation of GHC 10,000 the organization was able to […]

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Educational materials for S.A.P. in Accra

A child who does not perform well in school or behaves deviantly is accused of laziness or witchcraft in Ghana, since there is little information about learning disabilities. Special Attention Project (SAP) Ghana supports these children and wants to improve their lives by standing up for their rights to a good education, by providing information, […]

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