The Board of the Help Ghana Foundation currently exists of 4 board members, who all have lived and worked in Ghana as volunteers or have other work experience in Africa.

Current Board members:

  • Chairman: Iede Koffeman, Trainer/coach team development & change management
  • Vice-chairman: Hans de Bekker, Anthropologist Researcher at InHolland University, in memoriam
  • Secretary & Bursar: Viola Stoppels, Owner Springstaff Recruitment Services
  • Boardmember: Ellen Vianen, Senior behavioral expert at PPO Rotterdam
  • Boardmember & Webmaster: Bilge Mühürdaroğlu, Photography and 3D Designer

We work together with our Ghanaian contacts, Emmanuel Kwesi Nkrumah in Adawso and Kingsley Kwame Safo, who we have known for over fifteen years. They support us with the necessary advice on cultural and local matters and they visit our projects regularly.

The board meets approximately every six weeks either online or at the home of one of the board members. It is our goal that every other year at least two board members travel to Ghana to meet up with our contacts and to visit the project sites.

Because the board members are doing their work voluntarily and pay for all their own travel and other costs, it is possible that more than 95% of the collected funds is available to the projects in Ghana.

The Board can always be contacted if you would like more information on the Help Ghana Foundation, our activities, sponsoring, projects and/or life in Ghana in general.

The board members anno 2023