Mr. Samuel Akrasi, the Principal of the Offinso Technical Institute has a difficult time running his school since the Ghanaian government has made schooling and boarding free. The number of students has almost tripled. This means he is now looking for funding to be able to equip the classrooms with sufficient tables and chairs. At this moment each there are on average 10 tables and chairs per classroom, meaning that most of the students have to stand while in class.

For this reason Help Ghana was happy to support his request for extra furniture. When our chairman Iede Koffeman visited him, they discussed the best way to increase the amount of furniture in the school and to support the local craftsmen at the same time. The Principal spoke to the local carpenters to find the best value for money. One of the carpenters is a parent of one of the students of the Offinso Technical Institute and is willing to make good quality furniture for a good price. With our donation of €1.735 he will be able to make 100 tables and chairs for the school.